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Russell Howard, lad.


Russell Howard, lad.

agentsofpigfarts: What are the Russell and Jon podcasts you are listening to? I love them both but can't find the podcasts :)


You can listen/download then there, or there are quite a few on youtube if you just search ‘The Russell Howard and Jon Richardson Show’ :)

My bed and old Russell and Jon podcasts are pretty much all I live for 

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I’ve written a list of things that cheer you up and you don’t quite know why. I call it Russell’s List of Joy. And it goes thusly.

-Hearing someone jump into a swimming pool that was colder than thought it was gonna be.
-The noise old women make when you put a plate of food in front of them. ‘Ooh…’
-Watching a pigeon drag an enormous slice of pizza with that look in their eyes. ‘Maureen is gonna bloody love this.’
-Watching a Goth laugh. They’re caught between two worlds: ‘I LOVE SATAN, but Darren slipped on a cake…’
-Stationary! It doesn’t matter how old you get, if you get a new notepad, in the first page of that notepad I will do the neatest handwriting I have. I will write in this pad like I’m twelve years old again. Five pages later, JUST MAKE MY PEN WORK, YOU PADDY SLAG!
-Watching a dog near a fan go ‘Why are my ears moving?’
-A baby’s face when they’re eating an orange. It’s the first time you ever see a human brain go ‘WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?’
-Using the phrase ‘That’s what she said’ in inappropriate situations.
-The fact that no matter how old you get, if someone hands you a tennis racket, it’s a guitar.
-Watching a woman trying apply make-up on a shaky train.

Russell Howard (Right Here, Right Now)


So I can stab people with my head (remake)

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